Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") is to define the conditions of use, of the services provided on the website, “Oh! Jobs.jp” (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) by Oh! Jobs.jp (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Therefore, all registered users (hereinafter referred to as "user"), shall use this service in accordance to this agreement.

Article 1 (Application)

This agreement shall be applied to any of the relationships involved in the use of the service between the user and the Company.

Article 2 (Terms of Registration)

Applicants who want to register must abide to the methods set by the company. Thus, for the company to approve the applicant’s registration, these Terms of Registration shall be completed.

The Company will not approved the application of the following individuals, but shall not disclose their identity:

  • (1) A person who uses a false identity during registration;
  • (2) A person who already have violated these terms;
  • (3) Minors; mentally-challenged persons; people under conservatorship or people under assistance, legal representative, guardian, without the consent of the said guardians;
  • (4) Anti-social forces, like gangsters, gang members, right-wing organizations and other people equivalent to these; sponsors or anyone who funds the mentioned individuals; or any organizations or individuals that the Company may decide to be involved with anti-social forces;
  • (5) Other individuals that the Company may consider not qualified for registration.

Article 3 (User ID and Password Management)

The user has the sole responsibility of his or her user ID and password obtained from this service.

In any case, the user is not allowed to transfer or lend his or her user ID and password to a third party. The Company considers that if a certain user ID and password has been logged in, the member with the registered username is the one who is using the service.

Article 4 (Usage Fee and Payment Method)

The usage fee, as compensation for the use of the Service, will be displayed in the website, as determined separately by the Company, and shall be paid in the method the Company specifies.

When the user payment has been delayed, the user shall pay an annual rate of 14.6% for delay damages.

The company requests fees for using this service and will notify the members about third party services (herein referred to as “third party”) used in the following events:

(1) In the event that a member is not the one who will pay (hereinafter referred to as payer), when a member settles the usage fee (hereinafter referred to as “fee transaction”), the company assumes that the payer is already a third party user and has the consent of the member.

(2) In the event that the Company finds out that one of the causes listed in each of the following items has occurred, the Company will immediately suspend the request and receipt of the usage fee for this service and notify the Company to that effect.

① In the event that an objection or agreement arises in relation to the payment method, the application of the member’s usage fee, according to package, will be cancelled or withdrawn.

② In the event that the member’s use of this service is terminated due to cancellation or other reasons, or when we notify the third party about the reason for the invalidation or cancellation of the agreement.

③ In the event that the contents of the application are found to be false content

④ If payment of usage fee for this service is not made from the member within the service period of charge operation

⑤ In the event of not being able to issue a billing for the fee transaction, or in case the billing cannot be delivered to financial institutions due to force majeure or natural disasters

⑥ In the event that a false fee transaction has been requested

⑦ In the event that the company, its officers or employees, including temporary employees, are found to violate the public order and morality, arrested or prosecuted for alleged violation of laws, ordinances and the like, and as a result, we determined that our social trust had been lost

⑧ In the event that the Company violated one of the terms of the consignment contract concerning the fee transaction, and the related provisional agreement between the Company and the third party

⑨ In the event that complaints, objections and the like occurred concerning the contents of the products and services offered by the Company and its selling methods

⑩ In the event that the Company made a request to use the fee transaction other than for the services offered here

⑪ In the event that the content of the good or services offered by the Company are in violation of public order and morals, or when the content of the product or service is different from what the Company originally offers

⑫ In the event that there is a petition for a suspension or bankruptcy of the Company; procedure for civil rehabilitation; company reorganization; or special liquidation

⑬ In the event that the Company receives transaction suspension from the clearing house

⑭ In cases where the Company receives provisional seizure, or delinquency on its assets

⑮ In the event that the third party determined a possibility that the Company may fall under the provisions of ⑥ to ⑭, and has asked for a refund of the paid fees, or in cases that the payer cannot deliver the fee transaction to the company due to reasons dependent on the payer

(3) With regard to those who already processed the payment, if the member ceases to pay, pursuant to the preceding paragraph; or when the contract agreed upon by the Company and the third party concerning the service is cancelled prior to the deadline; the Company may continue asking for fee transactions up to the expiration date of the service.

(4) In principle, the member cannot return the fee transaction from ③, in case the fee transaction has already been paid, even if the third party is cancelling the fee transaction. The Company will notify the member that we will accept this without objection. However, if (2) falls under item 1 of each, and the contract between the Company and the third party is terminated or if the third party deems it necessary due to the reason of the petition, the Company shall notify the third party that we will accept the return without refusing to refund the fee transaction after the occurrence, and in that case, in principle, refund by transferring to a transfer account such as telephone fee etc.

(5) The member shall notify the payer of the fact that the member gives the payer the right to receive payment from him/ her, for his/ her own payment, and notify the payer of the fact that the third party has canceled the fee work in accordance with the provision of paragraph (2), the payer shall agree not to notify the members, and even if the payer does not notify the members, the members will accept that they are notified, even without notice.

(6) The member shall immediately oblige the Company to separately request that a new application be required if the member wishes to continue to receive the service, even after the change in the contents of the application.

(7) Various announcements made by the Company to members as provided in this Article shall include notifying the contents of such notice from the member to the payer and obtaining permission from the payer.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

The user, when using this service, must not do the following:

  • (1) Any act that violates the law or public order and morality;
  • (2) Any criminal act;
  • (3) Any act that may interfere in the Company’s server or network functions;
  • (4) Any act that may interfere with the Company’s service management;
  • (5) Any act related to collecting or storing the personal information about other users;
  • (6) Any act that will impersonate other users;
  • (7) Any act related to the donating of profits, directly or indirectly to anti-social forces, in the name of the Company;
  • (8) Any act violating the rights of the Company, the rights of the users, any third party intellectual property rights, human rights and privacy
  • (9) Any act or use of expressions which are excessively violent, sexually explicit; any discrimination in terms of family origin, race, nationality, religion, sex, social status; any expression that will incite suicide or any self-injurious behaviour, drug abuse; or any expression that is offensive to others, including anti-social contents;
  • (10) Any act done for the publicity, advertising, solicitation or profit of other business, (except those recognized by the Company); any indecent acts done for the purpose of sexual intercourse, dating, companionship or meeting a person on the opposite sex; any act for the purpose of harassment and slander against other customers; any act of using this service for purposes not indicated in this terms
  • (11) Any religious activities or solicitation for religious groups
  • (12) Any other activities that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 6 (Service Interruption)

Service interruption, in part or in whole, can be performed by the Company, without prior notice to the member, in the following events:

  • (1) When performing maintenance or update of computer systems
  • (2) In case operations have been affected by earthquake, lightning, fire, or any act of God like power outage or natural disasters;
  • (3) If the computer or communication line is stopped by an accident
  • (4) Other circumstances that the company deems difficult to provide service

The Company will not assume responsibility of any damages the user or a third party has suffered in line with the service interruptions.

Article 7 (Account Termination)

The Company can remove any data posted in this service and cancel the registration or limit the access of users in the following circumstances:

  • (1) If the user violates any of the provisions of this terms;
  • (2) If false information has been found in the registration details of the user;
  • (3) In case the user experienced bankruptcy and is undergoing civil rehabilitation, or is undergoing civil reorganization or special liquidation
  • (4) Not using this service for greater than or equal to one year;
  • (5) If there is no response for more than 30 days to inquiries from the Company
  • (6) If the user is an individual described in Article 2 of this term;
  • (7) Other acts that the Company deems as inappropriate use of this service

If the user falls into any one of the preceding paragraphs, the user loses all the benefits and obligations to the Company. In the presence of a debt to the Company, it must be paid immediately after termination of the account.

The company does not take any responsibility to any damages caused, as a result of this section.

Article 8 (Additional Terms for Employers)

The Company’s liability to the employer, for the use of the Service, is limited to the total amount of a purchased plan, which is subjected to taxes and other fees. For security purposes, all related transactions can be tracked in the Employer Dashboard.

Payment can only be done through credit card payment.

The posting fee is 8,000 yen (tax not included) per month, and automatically renewed every month. You have the option to request for cancellation of subscription 10 days before the automatic monthly renewal.

The Company also reserves all rights to implement a no-refund policy.

One employer account can be accommodated for one location of jobs only. Should you wish to post jobs for the same company but in different locations, please create a new employer account for another location.

In order to maintain the reliability of the website, information on the job posts are subject to the review of the Oh! Jobs.jp management staff first.

Employers and jobseekers are expected to exercise all responsibility in the communication conducted between the two parties. The Service and the Company reserves its rights to not be held liable in any transaction between the two parties.

Oh! Jobs.jp reserves all rights to not approve an Employer account registration and job posting, or even to cancel a membership for the following grounds.

  • (1) When decided or there is a possibility of acts that violate these terms
  • (2) False, mistyped or misinformation on all or part of the registration details
  • (3) In the case of a company whose registration has been canceled in the past
  • (4) if the company does not exist or not doing business
  • (5) In the case of a company not having corporate status (except in cases where the Oh! Jobs.jp specifically permits registration)
  • (6) When the business violates laws or regulations or internal rules of the industry associations to which the Employer or registered company belongs to
  • (7) If the project content is contrary to public order and morals, or engages in multiple business, corrupt business, networking, to the point that it becomes a social problem
  • (8) Case of sex business or sexual-related special sales or customer service consignment business, as prescribed by the law concerning regulations and reasonable duties of business customs, etc.
  • (9) When conducting anti-social activities or other cases where it falls under anti-social forces or when they are related to these companies
  • (10) When operating a dating site, an adult site, a live chat site, etc.
  • (11) In cases where licenses have not been obtained for projects requiring permission
  • (12) When there is a risk of using this service for purposes other than recruitment
  • (13) In cases, where troubles occurred with job seekers who touched through this service in the past, or before or after recruitment
  • (14) In the case of refusing to submit the data or answer the question
  • (15) When trying to use this service for any purpose or manner that may cause damage to our company, other registered companies, job seekers or third parties
  • (16) In the case of interfering with the operation of this service regardless of means
  • (17) When the registered e-mail address is a mail address that can be obtained free of charge, a mail address of a mobile phone, or other e-mail address that we deem inappropriate
  • (18) When the telephone number to be registered is not a fixed telephone number (including a mobile phone)
  • (19) In the case of a company that wishes to register for internet-related businesses, a homepage cannot be registered, or any information saying that the company profile and business contents are all available in another website
  • (20) In cases where it cannot be registered in the company ID examination standard
  • (21) In cases where it is presumed that attempting to register in order to post for separate companies for the purpose of avoiding the application to each of the above items
  • (22) And other things that we judge not appropriate for registration

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

Any faults in this service (including defects, errors, bugs, infringement of rights, etc., regarding safety, reliability, precision, integrity, effectiveness, compatibility and security) are not guaranteed to be implied by the Company.

The Company does not assume any responsibility for any damage caused to the user due to this service. However, in case the agreement (including all the provisions of this term) between the Company and the user becomes a consumer contract set forth in the Consumer Contract Law, this provision on company responsibility does not apply.

Even if provided for in the preceding paragraph, the Company assumes no responsibility for the damages incurred to the user due to negligence, except if it is a gross negligence. The maximum limit of the resulting damage will be equivalent to the usage fee received in the month.

The Company, with respect to the present service, does not assume responsibility for transactions, contact or conflict between the user and the another user or third party.

Article 10 (Change of Service Contents)

The Company can modify the contents or can discontinue the offers of this service without notifying the user. The Company shall not be responsible for the damages caused to the user of such actions.

Article 11 (Change of Terms and Conditions)

The company can modify these terms anytime, if deemed necessary, without notifying the user.

Article 12 (notification or contact)

Any communication between the user and the Company shall be carried out in a method determined by the Company.

Article 13 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

Without the prior written consent of the Company, the user cannot transfer the rights and obligations, as indicated in these terms, to a third party, even with the use of a collateral.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction)

Interpretation of these terms are governed by Japanese laws.

Any disputes between users and the Company will be governed by the jurisdiction of a competent court located in the Company’s head office.

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